A vacancy for Ukrainian brides: Models needed for a wedding agency.

A vacancy for Ukrainian brides: Models needed for a wedding agency.

Reports by our sources

Our sources in Ukraine declare that girls receive money USD $200 only for visiting a free photo shoot. They have expert and gorgeous pictures as well as $200 money — this is exactly what the advertisements suggest when saying, “An advance payment is manufactured soon after the enrollment. ” This means the girl has to undergo an image and video clip shot, then her information is uploaded because of the representative to the “mother” PPL web web site, as soon as it is approved, then she actually is “registered” and gets the amount of money.

All that for a few hours of fun (free makeup products, hairstyling, and expert photographs), so just why perhaps perhaps not? In a nation in which a month-to-month income of the teacher is just about $200, that is a great deal of hryvnia.

But wedding agencies (agents) grab any photo sets they will get their fingers on. They require brand new faces constantly. One girl, an aspiring model, decided to go to a neighborhood professional photographer to have images on her profile (she paid to obtain the pictures taken); then sold her pictures up to a “marriage agency” without her knowing. The effect — her boyfriend dumped her after choosing the photos on a dating that is international, accusing her in being dishonest and looking for a spouse abroad.

Exactly exactly How these $200 sets of pretty photos are utilized?

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